About Us

About Us

VyAyr Fitness is passionate about helping women lead healthier lives. VyAyr was founded in 2006 by Kristi Dowler, who quit corporate life to follow her bliss (read more about her journey). Kristi gained a following after starting the original Bay Area Bootcamp in 2003, and her new venture grew quickly by word of mouth. Today, VyAyr has helped give hundreds of women the energy to live their lives. VyAyr is all about:

  • increased endurance, strength and flexibility
  • less fat, more muscle
  • a great community of women
  • having fun
  • inspiration to do more, whatever that means for you — run a marathon, do one more pushup, or catch the bus as it is pulling away

Where does the name come from? Vitality + air. VyAyr believes fitness is a powerful force, and exercising outside invigorates body and soul.


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