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In the News

Solutions for Your Lagging Resolutions

Kristi Dowler contributes an article for the Marina Times.
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Ultimate Fitness Plan ’08, Women’s Health

Kristi Dowler contributes to the interactive workout planner on the Women’s Health Web site.

“The View From The Bay” goes to boot camp

ABC show host Janelle Wang joins a VyAyr boot camp, and founder Kristi Dowler talks about her boot camp for women.

Top 2 exercises you can do anywhere to get fit

A day in the life of a boot camper

Results show: how much a camper and Janelle lost

A New Body By The Bay, San Francisco Magazine

Excerpt: With a dynamo like Kristi Dowler leading the way, there’s no reason you can’t hit your New Year’s goal.

Best of the Bay 2006, City Sports Magazine

Excerpt: To prepare for all these sweet races, you need training, and there is a veritable smorgasbord of training clubs and programs for every conceivable occasion in the Bay Area.

Boot camp enthusiasts can sign up with Kristi Dowler’s women-only VyAyr, which was founded this summer and promptly made the podium in this issue’s Best of the Bay survey. VyAyr … gained a strong following in only its first year.